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About Us


We are focused and committed to our clients' goals through simple and effective solutions.
Helping small/large organizations plan for the future
Encourage clients to become active in planning their IT development
Assisting organizations to become self sustainable from the OEM
Active listening - really find out what would assist our clients development and their goals
Pass on skills and knowledge with a focus on demystifying technology
Use and develop open source technology
Managing systems through scheduled maintenance

We are dedicated to maintain knowledge that supports our work in turn keeps RTS up-to-date with all the latest developments, software, and hardware and internet/open source changes.

RTS are always in search of new ideas to enhance your network and deliver high-end support at economical prices.

Power Statements

Service beyond expectation.
Delivering Exceptional Service, Every Part, Every Time.
Our expertise keeps you ahead of the competition.
Eliminating Your Tech Headaches.
Service that keeps you ahead of the competition.
Maximizing productivity, Minimizing down time.
Customized maintenance programs.
Keeping you (your systems) running at peak performance.
Obtain software technical support
Significant savings over OEM service programs.


Client Listing

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JL Prints
Milestone Business
Precision Movers & Pkg
Screentime Productions
Sellars, Inc.
Tolucan Times